The 10 Leading Surety Bonding Underwriters

These are the top ten leading bond underwriters as of end of 2009 according to The Surety & Fidelity Association of America .  This list is compiled purely on a total premium written basis in aggregate across the whole country. What this list doesn’t tell you is who is the hot surety market in which state or metropolitan area which can differ dramatically from market to market, surety line to surety line. Travelers might be the hot market in Atlanta for Performance Bonds & Payments Bonds, however in New York it could be a company called Allegany who didn’t make the top ten list but may be writing NY Performance & NY Payment Bonds like crazy.

To find out who the hot surety market is in the New York Metropolitan Area contact a Risk Advisor @ Metropolitan Risk Advisory.



Direct Written


(Millions $)

Travelers $924.2
Liberty Mutual $723.2
Zurich Insurance Group $486.8
C.N.A. Insurance Group $406.1
Chubb & Sons Inc Group $277.0
Hartford Fire & Casualty $181.0
HCC Surety Group $165.2
International & Fidelity Insurance Co $147.1
Ace Ltd Group $109.0
The Hanover Insurance Group $100.2

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