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What We Believe @ Metropolitan Risk Advisory :

Businesses are vastly underserved by the insurance community which makes insurance painful to purchase; Businesses buy insurance instead of manage their losses & risk which allows insurance carriers to dictate results. With a thoughtful strategic plan, consistent with your goals and culture, communicated continually we give your business a substantial competitive edge, driving down your costs, adding points to your profit margin, taking the pain out of the insurance buying experience.

About Metropolitan Risk :

Located in Irvington N.Y. just south of the Tappen Zee Bridge, 35 minutes outside of mid town Manhattan , serving the New York Metropolitan areas of NY, NJ, & CT. Metropolitan Risk is one of the few boutique brokerage firms in New York that combines the discipline of Risk Management AND Insurance Brokerage. Our clients understand the price they pay on insurance is directly impacted by how well their account performs (losses). By treating the disease and not the symptom we partner with our clients seeking to impact the performance of their account, not transact their insurance purchase, ultimately and substantially driving down their direct cost (insurance premium) and Indirect friction costs. In succeeding on behalf of our clients we are able to add back points in their profit margin making them far more competitive in their native marketplace.

Our platform is ideally suited for the Surety marketplace because we proactively teach, deploy, and benchmark risk related initiatives which the Surety marketplace loves! No other Surety Firm or Insurance Brokerage has our Profit Tools which makes us a very unique property to both the Surety Buyer AND the Surety Underwriter. Our Risk Management platform is built to quantify, manage, allocate and transfer as much risk away from our clients as possible, protecting their balance sheets, and that of the Surety Underwriter. While the rest of the Surety and brokerage community sells paper for a premium, we drive substantive results that show on your company financials which is why the Surety marketplace holds us in high regard.

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About Michael :

I began my insurance career for a small insurance brokerage in East Brunswick, N.J. while attending Ithaca College. I graduated Ithaca College and worked for Merrill Lynch for several years. I moved to New York and started an Agency in Great Neck, NY from scratch, while living in Manhattan.

Michael V Stoop

In 2004 I moved my family from Manhattan to Westchester County, New York, while simultaneously merging my business with two colleagues in Rye Brook New York, presently BNC Insurance Agency, Inc.

Effective July 2010 I had sold my position in BNC, and had begun building Metropolitan Risk Advisory, an Insurance Brokerage firm that uses Risk Management techniques to substantially reduce Net Income Loss at many mid sized businesses located in the New York Metropolitan Area.

In 2008 Mike started www.insurancemic.com , a blog whose goal was to create some transparency as it related to the purchase of construction insurance. Since the founding of http://www.insurancemic.com , we have had over 35,000 hits on the site, and average close to a 70 a day as of this writing and growing.

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