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The 10 Leading Surety Bonding Underwriters

These are the top ten leading bond underwriters as of end of 2009 according to The Surety & Fidelity Association of America .  This list is compiled purely on a total premium written basis in aggregate across the whole country. What this list doesn’t tell you is who is the hot surety market in which [...]

Understanding How To Read Your Profit & Loss Statement Can Give Your Company A Competitive Edge

Distributing your own company financial data  is a sensitive subject for many business owners.  If you want to obtain a critical bond line or bonding capacity  it’s an absolute necessity.  The two basic choices for a firm are to use their accounting software such as Quickbooks or hire a CPA to put together a formal financial [...]

The Significant Advantage of Bid Bonds

The days of a contractor being able to simply bid a job without solid surety bonding in New York are on their way out.  The economy has burned all of us to some degree.  Everyone has had to tighten their belts – from the banks lending money for projects all the way down to the [...]

How To Better Position Your Company Financials To Improve Your Bonding Capacity

Many NY Construction Companies , and the Accountants that advise them have overlooked a very powerful tool in securing or augmenting bonding capacity. The tool I speak of is Subordinated debt to help secure surety credit. Readers of this article will get a better understanding Subordinated debt, and how it may be a useful tool [...]