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The 10 Leading Surety Bonding Underwriters

These are the top ten leading bond underwriters as of end of 2009 according to The Surety & Fidelity Association of America .  This list is compiled purely on a total premium written basis in aggregate across the whole country. What this list doesn’t tell you is who is the hot surety market in which [...]

Understanding How To Read Your Profit & Loss Statement Can Give Your Company A Competitive Edge

Distributing your own company financial data  is a sensitive subject for many business owners.  If you want to obtain a critical bond line or bonding capacity  it’s an absolute necessity.  The two basic choices for a firm are to use their accounting software such as Quickbooks or hire a CPA to put together a formal financial [...]

What NY Surety Underwriters Look When Evaluating a NY Bonding or NY Surety Line of Credit:

Overseeing Risk : The surety analyst concentrates on an applicant’s financial and functional historical records to predict future losses or succes. They also like to look at your  business plans and ability to successfully achieve the plan,. What’s the track record been? They also like to look at existence of the buyout plans as well as the  members [...]


Below is a list that breaks down the advantages & disadvantages for : Completion Guaranty , Letter of Credit, Sub Contractor Bonding , Sub Contractor Default Insurance, Contractor Payment & Performance Bonds. Hopefully you will find this useful. For more information contact Metropolitan Risk Advisory for a free consultation on obtaining or increasing your surety [...]

How To Better Position Your Company Financials To Improve Your Bonding Capacity

Many NY Construction Companies , and the Accountants that advise them have overlooked a very powerful tool in securing or augmenting bonding capacity. The tool I speak of is Subordinated debt to help secure surety credit. Readers of this article will get a better understanding Subordinated debt, and how it may be a useful tool [...]

The Basics of Surety Credit

Why has the NY surety marketplace changed  and have become so tight ? With significantly higher loss ratios for the surety industry in the last several years and prospects for still worse results ahead growing in large part out of the Banking Crisis, there is a move by both reinsurers and primary surety writers to [...]